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Over the last few years, there have been several tragic incidents related to infants, young children and pets inadvertently left in the back seats of cars in adverse temperatures. ChecktheBack! is a child car safety app developed by MobileDev99 to help prevent such occurrences. After driving, ChecktheBack! sends a notification to your Android Phone, iPhone and/or Apple Watch to remind you to check the rear seat of your vehicle. The notification is accompanied by a photo that you upload to the app as an additional means of jogging your memory about your precious cargo. Two minutes after sending the initial notification, ChecktheBack! sends another one, just in case you happen to be juggling multiple things at once.

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Disclamer: ChecktheBack! is NOT a substitute for remaining aware of your children or pets in the backseat and it DOES NOT in any way guarantee outcomes. It is a tool to help you in your efforts to avoid leaving your children or pets in the backseat of a vehicle for an extended period of time. ChecktheBack! SHOULD NOT be solely relied upon to remember to check the backseat before leaving your vehicle.

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